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About IntrinsiQ

intrinsiQ was founded in Ghent in 2010. Since then, we’ve grown to support our clients as they seek to take advantage of new growth opportunities.

We at intrinsiQ eat, breath, and sleep market research and look at every project as a partnership with our customer. We focus on creating added value for our clients and it’s a journey we take together, to achieve a result that we can all take pride in.


We value building lasting relationships based on honest communication and trust. It goes without saying that quality, service, and the essential expertise are all part of the package.


However, it’s our personal contact with each customer that really makes the difference. That makes it possible for us to detect and resolve any issues that come up at an early stage. At the end of the day, this strategy turns every project into a reference project.


We love what we do.

Problem-solving… it’s in our DNA. We are tenacious and resourceful problem solvers who seek to improve outcomes. We do not outsource any of our projects and do not utilize any 3rd parties.

You will love what we do

We have never lost the agility and personalized service of a small boutique. We help clients make informed business decisions.


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Bart D’hondt


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