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A lack of trust

How important is trust, to a brand? Well… this is a rhetorical question. As a marketeer you are aware that the answer is ‘very’. But a number of brands are still incapable of capturing and sustaining customer trust. The InSites 2021 global trend report states that no less than 73% of consumers worldwide are in need of more reliable indicators of trust. Brands can take on a crucial part in remedying this by actively investing in what the report describes as ‘safe ingredients’ and ‘familiar accreditations’.

Would you like to know how to tackle this problem, as a brand? Then please download the full report here.

Do we want to accommodate for a longer, happier life?

In 2020, almost 10.000 Belgians took part in an NN survey regarding longevity. Summing up: Belgians want to live longer. But to make this happen, three significant social transformations should take place: in the way we work, the way our social security works and the way we manage our lives. Changing our professional lives seems to be the crucial one, to Belgians. We would like to reduce our stress levels and to be less exhausted when we get home. Also, we would like to retire at the age of 61. Unfortunately, the study shows that, even if we were to implement these changes, we still would not live any longer: “The study/ work/ rest ratio is presently not adapted to our life expectation and this is holding back our social and economic progress.”

Would you like to read the full report? Check it out here.

Converting sustainable intent into action

In recent years, particularly last year, sustainability has been one of the most widely discussed topics. Though many Belgians share the intention to live more sustainably, only a restricted number of consumers actually buy sustainable products. According to a a study by GfK, it is definitely feasible to convert sustainable intent into action. It can be done in three ways: by selling sustainable products at reasonable prices, by providing efficient access to sales channels and by heightening awareness of sustainability in general.

More details in the full report.

Phishing: the newest digital trend

While sustainability is the newest positive market trend, phishing is the new negative trend. Research by Febelfin indicates that at least 56% of all Belgians have been targeted by phishing messages, mainly involving the banking sector. This happens not just via social media, but also via fake e-mail and text messages. Week after week, reports keep appearing in the news media about how people have taken the bait… The Febelfin study shows that despite the various awareness-raising campaigns over the past few months, 12% of Belgians have never heard of phishing. When focusing on the younger generation, this percentage increases to reach 30%. Which is why we advise everyone to take a minute to read this.

What is phishing and how can you prevent it? Read the full survey.


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