Deep Dive: Let’s talk qual!

Join us for an interesting session on the 24th of June in which we jointly discover current status and future of qualitative research!

In light of the recent pandemic, a large majority of this research method had to be done online. Once everything opens up again, will we see a shift to offline qual again? Or will it go hybrid?

Moreover, there is a tendency of starting to conduct qual research on a larger scale: what is the status of this? How will it evolve?

In short, we’ll talk about all things qual. If you want to learn more and understand where this is going to in the future, be sure to follow!

The Speakers

Speakers 1 & 2 : Ank Van Ophoven & Hannelore Goddyn

  • Presentation:
    What was the impact of Corona on qualitative research?  According to a recent research of the MOA (Dutch Expertise Center for Marketing Insights, Research and Analytics), conducted among market research agencies and recruitment agencies, online qual is seen as growth market!  Ank will take you through key insights of the survey and will share Haystack Consulting’s vision of this fast forward of qual. She will inspire you with innovations at Haystack including product testing in front of a camera, using vlogs for recruitment or homework assignments and including influencers in projects. How digital can qual get!?
  • Bio Ank van Ophoven:
    Ank van Ophoven is Strategic Advisor Qualitative Research at Haystack Consulting The Netherlands.  Ank has a wealth of experience at both the agency and client side. She was Global Consumer Insights Manager at Signify (Philips Lighting) for over 14 years and worked as Senior Research Manager Qualitative at Research International for almost a decade. Qualitative research is not only her passion, but also a lasting source of inspiration. With her rich experience, she is extremely well placed to support clients with their business issues and to provides solutions often in a creative way. She hold a master in Economical Psychology.
  • Bio Hannelore Goddyn:
    Hannelore Goddyn is Business Director at Haystack Consulting and is leading both a team of qualitative and a team of quantitative consultants. Although trained as a quantitative researcher (because of her academic background in psychology and marketing), her heart beats for qual. Being curious by nature, she gets a lot of energy from listening and observing, from co-creating and facilitating, together with clients, consumers and colleagues.

Speaker 3: Erik Luijts

  • Presentation:
    Erik will explain how Covid-19 has lead to a ‘qualitative paradox’ and how it has put qualitative research back in the spotlight. The new digital applications open up an abundance of new creativity. In a 10 minute speech, he will bring you up to speed with the status of qualitative research and how it is likely to evolve in the post-pandemic era.
  • Bio:
    Besides working at the client side during the glory days of telecom early 2000, Erik has tasted the flavors of various agencies like Research International, Synovate, TNS/Kantar, Market Probe and Profacts. After a 15 year long exploration of the quantitative side, he fell deeply in love with the depth and richness of qualitative research. Erik recently joined Johan, Kenny, Griet and Sare at the ‘boutique’ research agency DataSynergy based in Mechelen.

Speaker 4:  Caroline Vervaeke

  • Presentation:
    Caroline will share a use case that shows how an agency can creatively approach qualitative research and end up with better, more solid insights.

Practical Information

Date: June 24, 2021

Timing: 12:00 PM – 13:00 PM

Format: Online Webinar

Rate: Free