Training – Decision science principles to improve the impact of brand communications

This training is organised in collaboration with BAM – Belgian Association of Marketing;

# 1 session on Tuesday 11th of May, 2021 (09:30 – 13:30 – Virtual Classroom)

Developing a brand communication tool often costs a lot of effort & need we say a lot of money, especially when buying media space.

There’s a lot at stake: sales, brand image & maybe even your career and yet it’s incredibly difficult to predict success!

  • How can you be sure that amongst all the other communications, all the stimuli we’re faced with as human beings that yours will grab attention? (nope it’s not just about buying media space – decision science proves this)
  • How can you be sure your communication will be a lot more influential than your competitor’s?
  • How can you be sure the content of your communication has the highest influence on consumer preferences & choices?

Most marketing professional aren’t really sure and it’s not their fault, unfortunately they don’t know how the consumer’s brain processes preferences, choices, decisions.

This is where decision science comes in really handy: neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics help us understand the brains processes which can drastically improve how relevant or influential your communication tools are.



  • Why neuroscience, psychology and behavioral economics are marketing’s best allies. We’ll be sharing the theory and what it means for brands & communications.
  • The 3 decision science principles that will automatically improve the impact of your brand communications and influence on your consumer’s purchase decisions.
  • We’ll be showcasing how Global brands within a wide range of industries have applied these principles with great success.
  • Finally we’ll help you analyse your last communication tool so that when you get back to the office you can instantly increase the success of your next communication.


What do you learn from this session :

  • How a decision science model can instantly boost the efficiency of your communications.
  • How the brain processes and evaluates your communications tools.
  • Which criteria to convey in your communication to have the highest influence on consumer preferences, choices and decisions.
  • Learn about the pitfalls to avoid when developing communication tools.


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From marketeers to consumer intelligence profiles, people within the creative industry, communication professionals.

This session is for all levels of marketeers from the starters to Marketing VP’s.

For 95% of people this is a NEW approach, it’s the starting point of next generation marketing.


Nathan Axford, Founder of Beyond Reason, One of Europe’s fastest growing neuro-marketing consultancy’s.

For 17 years before that, I tried out marketing a few brands, from humble Junior brand manager of Stella Artois, to global marketing director of Orangina, Schweppes & some 10 other soft drink brands. I then moved from marketing beverages to packages as global comms director at DHL Express, running campaigns in 40 countries.

But in none of those roles did I really feel I had the tools to do a great job. So I quit !

And with the help of senior scientists from Harvard, Virginia & Washington Universities we developed are own tools. Now global brands such as Decathlon, Ikea, Chanel, Nestle, Pepsico, Grohe, Tui, L’Oreal,… rely on them, which is kinda cool for a small 2 man consultancy.


BAM-Members: € 245 EXCL. VAT

BAM- Non-Members: € 350 EXCL. VAT