Who we are


CUBE is a community of like-minded people, who have a passion for consumer & customer understanding, by uniting research agencies with marketing professionals, research buyers, suppliers, consultants, academics, students and research communities worldwide.


Our purpose


CUBE aims to create a connected hub to share the passion for consumer & customer intelligence and to fuel & nurture companies and researchers in their research, insight & analytics practice.


Our mission


Inspire, Educate, Connect, Promote & Regulate by Knowledge Sharing, Training programs, Events, Awards & Guidelines

“CUBE is happy to be a new generation association where meeting and
deepening each other’s interests happens in a smart and casual way.”

Our challenge

The world of market insights, research and analytics is constantly evolving. Organizations are changing to new ways of working; technological developments happen faster than ever, and the legal aspects of privacy and research evolve rapidly. This creates numerous strategic, tactical, and organizational challenges in the field of insights and analytics.

What unites us

Our common passion for the consumer & customer. Our mission is to create a better understanding of the consumer, so that we can bring the voice of the customer at all levels of organizations and especially at the level of decision making, with the ultimate objective “to outperform the competition”.

Our team

The driving force behind CUBE is a combination of a very passionate board of directors with a strong expertise in market research and a couple of dynamic young professionals from different companies who are determined to challenge the status quo of consumer and customer understanding.


Tom De Ruyck


President CUBE

Gerd Callewaert


Board member

Isabelle Mérillou


Board member

Nathalie Vandoorslaer


Board member

Eva Vandenberge

Boobook World

Board member

Ludovic Depoortere

Haystack Consulting

Board member

Nathan Axford

Beyond Reason

Board member

Wouter Samyn


Board member

Our link with BAM

In 2020 we decided to launch a partnership with the Belgian Association of Marketing – BAM.


“These days, a clear understanding of the consumer, the client, is crucial”, Ludovic Depoortere (Haystack Consulting), president of CUBE, explains. “I call this customer closeness. Building blocks like purpose and sustainability, but also ways of acquiring goods and services, have either gained importance or changed radically. As a consequence, gaining insights is now more than ever the central focus for businesses.


By cooperating more closely with BAM we will, on the one hand, be able to transmit consumer insights and the evolutions in these insights faster and more comprehensively to our target audience, and on the other hand we will be able to evaluate market needs more effectively.  Also, it will help us professionalise.”


This partnership means that all CUBE members are now automatically and free of charge members of BAM. They benefit from all the advantages linked to the largest marketing community in Belgium.