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About AQ Rate

AQ Rate is an independent full services market research agency located in Brussels.


We provide tailor-made research solutions which respond accurately to the client’s needs and expectations


With in-house all the necessary resources and expertise for both data collection and data processing, AQ Rate is empowered to conduct any type of quantitative studies in face to face (CAPI / CASI), by telephone (CATI) and on internet (CAWI). The tasks entrusted to us by our customers cover as well B2B as B2C research in various sectors as media, FMCG, retail, telco, transport, finance, public services


At AQ Rate, each research project is handled from start to finish by a dedicated research manager from our team. From the analysis of the customer issue and the formulation of a methodological recommendation to the processing and analysis of the results, including the drafting of the questionnaire and the data collection, every stage of a survey is totally managed internally, without the support of any third-parties.


Our philosophy could be summarize in 4 values :

  • Understanding  

Conducting market research requires empathy, sensitivity, curiosity, engagement to deliver results that make sense and actionable.

Respect, comprehension and transparency are the pillars of our philosophy. And this applies to the client as well as to the respondents

In a transparent and collaborative world, we cannot deliver a good job without mutual trust and understanding

  • Tailormade

There is no closed models or standard patterns at AQ Rate

Every client, every project is considered as unique and will be subject to a dedicated approach

Due to an in-house management of the whole project, we could advice on a totally neutral way the best mix of data collection methodology to provide relevant results and consumer insights

  • Reliable :

AQ Rate’s team is made up skilled and experienced professionals who are competent to choose the best mix of data collection methodology and the most appropriate techniques to analyse figures

With more than 100 years of cumulative experience, your research project will be in good hands and will be achieved in the most efficient and accurate way

As a certified member of Esomar and Cube (ex Febelmar), the international and Belgian professional associations of market research organizations, AQ Rate respects all the deontological codes and regulations for the protection of privacy.

  • Flexibility

AQ Rate is a small structure without any silo or standard procedure.

Thanks to a flexible, multi-disciplinary and committed team, your request will be processed very quickly so that a new project could be launched and delivered within a few days if needed



Our claim

  • Market research with understanding

Our Goal

  • Provide relevant results & bright consumer insights on the most efficient way

Our Promise

  • Breaking the rules & inventing new standards
  • Proposing innovative approach & question mode
  • Combining the most accurate methodologies & techniques
  • Offering reliable tools & high skilled people
  • Getting closer to respondents & clients


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