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About Boobook

Boobook is an international business with a highly passionate team of data analysts and business consultants. Since we started – almost two decades ago – boobook has proved to be a valuable partner for many businesses on their journey to become more customer-centric.

People always do things for a reason. Businesses that want to influence or change their customers’ behaviour, need to understand their motivations, attitudes and needs. This is where our boobook’s experts come in! We start every project with the tested and proved approach to how emotions drive behaviour. With our ‘owl’s eye view,’ we combine different customer views – who, what and why – to give direction and target growth.

Our expertise lies in three key areas:

  • developing the right products at the right price
  • targeting customers in the best possible way
  • maximising customer experience.

But our services don’t stop there. By using analytical and problem-solving methods, we deliver actionable insights through our consulting, storytelling and visualisation so organisations can have a clear view of the customer’s world and, ultimately, make the best strategical steps.

Value-based product development and pricing is a core area of our expertise, not only because we mastered the complex methodologies inside-out, but also because we look at products from a long-term brand building perspective as well as for short-term wins.

We also help businesses build valuable, long-term customer relationships by delivering an understanding of what drives different types of customers. From segmentations to building personas, we focus on what these types mean for the business, so the results can be integrated into business strategy.

Then we move forward to the next level: whenever we can, we link the motivational segments to transactional data, so target marketing campaigns can be activated from any CRM database. A customer’s experience of any brand is made up of a myriad of different touchpoints and each touchpoint has a different level of experience. From hearing about a product to getting to know it, purchasing, upgrading, recommending and communicating with the brand, consumers need to be delighted at every step and that delight must turn into positive behaviour.

We help our clients know which motivations, experiences and external factors will lead to a positive uplift in behaviour. By analysing the links between real behaviour and motivations, our ‘owl’s eye view’ shows clients their path to growth.


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