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About MyForce

MyForce is an innovative player in the field of software development for speech technology, data visualization, contact centers and market research.

Our roots go back to the early 90’s. We started with specific solutions for contact centres and market research. For the latter we found the ideal partner in Askia. We combined our telephony solution CTArchitect with the Askia survey software, resulting in a performant market research phone platform. With Askia’s powerful and open survey tools market research agencies can build any kind of survey they can think of. The intuitive software suite makes the creation of questionnaires very easy, resulting in nice presentations and clear online dashboards.

But as our technologies matured, we began to look for new solutions that could be relevant for both market research agencies and contact centres. Over the years, the co-development process with Askia resulted in a number of new insights. Research learned that conversational artificial intelligence allows market research agencies and by extension many other companies to work more efficiently. So speech technology seemed to be the obvious next step to take. Speech analytics, voicebots and our most recent application Midas have become now our new assets.

  • Voicebots increase the well-being of a company’s employers, save costs and increase the customers’ satisfaction as they can be very helpful in measuring the Net Promotor Score of the company, giving important insights in how the company is doing.
  • By using speech analytics (i.e. automatically analyze conversations) an organisation knows what is being said in all conversations and how anyone is feeling.
  • MyForce Midas adds voice to surveys and other applications.


More information

Interested in what MyForce can mean for your organization? Have a look at our website or contact us via You also find us on Linked-In, Twitter and Facebook.