9 finalists for third edition Belgian Marketing Awards

Brussels, October 6, 2022. The 9 finalists of the Belgian Marketing Awards, organized for the third time, have been announced. They have one chance in three to be awarded Wednesday, November 9, 2022, as The Belgian Marketing Company of the Year, The Young Belgian Marketing Company of the Year or The Belgian Marketing Leader(ship) of the Year.

Beer producer Alken-Maes, HR and facility partner ITZU and tourism organization Visit Brussels are the three finalists in the Belgian Marketing Company of the Year category. One of them will succeed Alpro, which won the award last year.

“The selection committee came quickly and almost unanimously to the shortlist for this category,” said Dirk Vandekerckhove (Ads & Data) who was chairman of this selection committee. “The three nominated cases have some striking common characteristics: they are strong Belgian brands that have each achieved remarkable growth in their field in a highly competitive environment. All finalists also put this into practice from a social framework with a focus on inclusion, diversity and sustainability.”

In the Belgian Young Marketing Company of the Year category, the battle is between Dripl (manufacturer of healthy and packaging-free beverages), Brauzz (manufacturer of sustainable cleaning products) and Komrads (which makes sustainable sneakers).

Dominique Vercraeye (Chosen Group), chairman of the Steering Committee of the Belgian Marketing Awards, chaired this selection committee: “The 3 finalists have identified an opportunity in the market and strive to turn it into a success through an innovative value proposition, a digitally driven marketing policy and strong entrepreneurship. All finalists also contribute to the necessary transition to greater sustainability.”

Finally, the three finalists for Belgian Marketing Leader(ship) of the Year are Lise Conix (Torfs), Lieve Pattyn (EG) and Mélanie Decelle (Spadel). “We noticed a clear positive evolution toward more meaningfulness among the contestants,” remembered Catherine Willemart (Tetra Pak), who chaired this selection committee.

Reminder: The Belgian Marketing Awards are an initiative of ACC, BAM, BABM, BMMA, CUBE, UBA and UMA, in collaboration with Deloitte, Trends and Kanaal Z. Adobe and Pierre Marcolini are sponsors.

For the 9 finalists, the next step will be on Oct. 24, 2022. Then they will present their case to the 13-member jury chaired by Anouk Lagae, CEO of Accent Jobs. The jury’s verdict will be announced during a festive award ceremony on Nov. 9 at Deloitte in Zaventem.

More info on the criteria and the award ceremony at www.belgianmarketingawards.be.