As a CUBE member you automatically enjoy the benefits of BAM

If you and your company are members of CUBE, then you will enjoy a whole range of benefits. But did you know that your membership with CUBE also gives you access to the benefits of BAM?

By taking out a membership with CUBE, you become part of an exclusive hub with a passion for market research. But CUBE goes beyond that and aims to bridge the gap between market research and marketing. Therefore, as a CUBE member you also enjoy the benefits that The Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) has to offer. This way, you become a member of the largest community of Meaningful Marketers.

What are the BAM advantages exactly?

BAM Corporate

As a member of CUBE you get access to the benefits of BAM Corporate and you are a Premium Member of BAM. This way you get:

  • a discount of at least 20% on BAM activities
  • a discount of at least 20% on BAM training courses
  • unlimited use of Job Post
  • up to two times a year the use of the Legal Line
  • free access to the Marketing Talks and the annual BAM party
  • free access to all content on

Read more about the membership here.

Rediscover the benefits of the CUBE membership