CUBE and ESOMAR supercharge the Belgian insight professionals

On November 23 CUBE and ESOMAR have Supercharged the Belgian Insights community with an event which both gave new insights and an opportunity to network. What was there to expect? A wide range of keynote speakers with interesting stories and cases. Eva Vandenberge (boobook and representative CUBE) and Wim Hamaekers (One Inch Whale and Belgium representative ESOMAR), organizers of the event, told us a little bit more about the gathering.

With this event, CUBE and ESOMAR wanted to share the latest insights, changes and knowledge of the world with the local community. “The event focused on new techniques, changes happening in the world of market research, and how brands and agencies can deal with that. Different speakers from different industries have shared their expertise and insights to inspire the attendees”, says Eva Vandenberge. “We wanted to supercharge the Belgian community with the latest insights from the recent ESOMAR Conference held in Amsterdam”, Wim Hamaekers adds.

Jump on the bandwagon

The event started with a presentation by Xabier Palacio (ESOMAR) who explained how the insights industry is evolving and he gave insights into the challenges that come with those evolutions. Stuart McGown (Philips) continued with illustrating how Philips is managing changes in the industry and using disruptions to their advantage. Telenet and boobook have revealed a case study in which they closely collaborated by mastering the combination of market research, data analysis and data science to improve segmentation and to successfully target customers. They’ve created impact by working with data science and guided the audience through their process and challenges. “These presentations were meant to feed insights professionals to improve, to think outside of the box, be more agile and efficient in their business”, Eva Vandenberge emphasizes.

The second part of the event was mostly focused on the synergy AI and expertise can have. “Artificial intelligence is omnipresent today and will continue to bring disruptive changes. This event showed us how you can use this to your advantage and how artificial intelligence can function as a co-pilot, instead of a threat”, says Wim Hamaekers. Stijn Poffé (Human8) talked about generative AI in research, brought us u up to speed on the latest developments in AI. Pascal Lefever (Danone) and Wim Hamaekers himself illustrated the impact of colour science and research by bringing the interesting case of Alpro.

In summary, at this event you were inspired on how you should adapt your research processes and integrate AI, new methodologies and technologies, to gain better, faster insights. “There’s a high urgency to use those tools to your advantage and to jump on the bandwagon”, Wim Hamaekers says.

After the presentations, a discussion panel was organized about the future of market research. The discussion covered subjects such as evolutions in technology, AI and the search for synergies to become and stay relevant as an agency and as a brand. “Both agencies and brands need to stay competitive in a fast-changing market, to be more efficient and to improve insights”, Eva Vandenberge says.

Opportunity to network

The event did not only focus on interesting insights, it granted an opportunity to marketers to connect and network. “In a world where the digital is more present than ever before and in which working remotely is the norm, connecting in real life becomes extremely important to share information and to connect”, Wim Hamaekers emphasizes. “After the interesting panel discussion, attendees could network and enjoy appetizers offered by Dynata”, Eva Vandenberge adds.

“As a bonus, people could participate in an exclusive tour of the Duvel Moortgat brewery, where we were honoured to host the event.  The tour and the event as a whole would not have been possible without our sponsor Duvel Moortgat.


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