Improve the value perception of our industry

Hope you are all doing great! This will be my last word as President of Cube, but it is not a goodbye to you all, as I am happy to support the next chapter under the lead of incoming President Tom De Ruyck and a great team of motivated colleagues at CUBE & BAM!

Here we are at what we all hope is the final chapter of the pandemic. We’ve all started heading back to offices and hold in-person meetings and events. As the world collectively holds its breath, the insights industry does as well.

It is my conviction that, more than ever, the research industry has the power to demonstrate its strategic value. Inflationary time is a challenging time as leaders face choices to either completely redraw their pipeline, launch inflation resilient innovations, or renovate to reduce pricing vulnerability. Strategic research can help making clever, consumer-centric decisions.

That brings me to the key point that I want to bring in this “last word”. We have organized a round of talks with CUBE members and there is a key message that all of you are backing up: The one reason CUBE why exists is to improve the value perception of our industry. Together.

It has been an honour to serve you on behalf of the industry and let that be my wish for the coming years: “I believe that we must keep joining forces with our innovative spirit to showcase the value and ethics of our insights & analytics industry.”

Ludovic Depoortere, Founder of Haystack Consulting and former CUBE president