Marketing Leadership of the Year – Finalists

On wednesday, November 8, the 4th edition of the Belgian Marketing Awards will take place. During this prestigious ceremony, followed by a gala dinner, we will finally know who will follow in the footsteps of Alken-Maes, Brauzz and Lise Conix (Schoenen Torfs). (1)

Each week we will bring portraits of the finalists in a category. That way you can get to know the finalists better. This week it’s the turn of “Marketing Leadership of the Year”.

Wim Vermeulen 

Read the portrait of Wim: Dutch Version & French Version

Cédric Cauderlier

Read the portrait of Cédric: Dutch Version & French Version

José Fernandez

Read the portrait of José: Dutch Version & French Version


More information can be found on the website